The Beginning.

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I have two very distinct and different sides to my personality. The first, probably developed through circumstances and external factors encourages me to have a carefree, nonchalant, let’s see where the road takes us, attitude.

This part of my personality has enabled me to survive some of the darkest periods of my life in an almost detached manner. I have an ability to shut down my emotions and during this brief period my fight or flight mode engages, and I am normally on the first train out of dodge, so to speak.

But this is not my natural mind frame, when it comes to travel, new experiences or even just daily life; I am a meticulous planner. I need to know everything from the route, the temperature, the hotel facilities, the best places to go and where to avoid. But I like to think that when I arrive in a new place I let the knowledge I have researched stay in the back of my mind, as a constant hum of information, and I allow myself to be taken off the beaten track if that’s where the road leads me.

The idea to immigrate to Spain began as a drunken Friday night suggestion and by the Sunday most of the plan had been written. It was a cold February and my life in England looked as bleak as the weather forecast.

I was 26, divorced, and in a job that kept me there by the better than average pay, but which was slowly sucking the soul out of me.

I think if you experience a bump in your life story, such as a divorce, it really makes you sit down and question where you are and where you are going. I had to ask myself difficult questions, like what choices had brought me to this point and where this path could take me now.

The flight mode in me had been satisfied – I was leaving. But the planner was not so thrilled, I hadn’t spoken a word of Spanish since my 2005 AQA GCSE exam, I had no idea where in Spain I would go or what job I would do. I had a small amount of savings but nothing that would sustain me for a long period of time. That’s when the process really started.

I hope that my blog can help you find your way through the trees and see the forest. Because the decisions that I made early on, has really affected my journey. Some for the better and some… not so much.

I also travel a lot from Spain and I hope to share lots of hints, tips and some of my experiences.


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  1. Isn’t it the most exhilarating feeling to actually leave and not go back. I moved from my home country to another country a few years back, it’s tough, but I can’t imagine my life any other way now. Thank you for sharing your story.

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