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Plane, Train or Automobile…?

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I love to travel and most of my life goals are centered around destinations on my bucket list. But I have a confession… I hate flying. I know that the facts speak for themselves; planes are the safest mode of transport, but my brain does not accept this rationale when we are cruising through the clouds.

So I have spent many hours planning a ‘long way round’ and whilst many people scoff at my alternative to aviation transport there are definitely pros.

You can see some beautiful sites.

I recently took a trip from Barcelona to Genoa via the overnight coach and I could not ask for a better view to wake up to.

The view from the coach as we pass through the French Alps

And this is just one of many examples. Through all my cross-country coaching I have seen some breathtaking sights that I would have missed had I been at 30,000 feet…

The facilities have definitely improved

Being a frequent ‘coacher’, I have come to expect a certain level of comfort and extras onboard. And whilst I can’t speak for all coach companies I would say that most low to mid cost providers have the following:

  • Free WiFi on-board.
  • Sockets for each passenger.
  • Reclining seats and plenty of legroom.
  • Toilets.
  • Tray table.
  • E-Tickets.
  • Flexible luggage allowance.
  • Sometimes there are snacks and drinks available.

For me not only do the on-board facilities make travelling by coach comfortable, the whole ‘check in’ experience is completely stress free in comparison to a flight. Your luggage isn’t weighed, there are no restrictions on what drinks you can take with you, you don’t need to be there 2 hours before and normally coach pick up points are located in transport hubs or in city centres.

The possibilities are endless

I have used the coach system around Europe many times and if I want to get from A to B in the quickest time possible, there is always a pretty direct route. But if I can be flexible on the duration and I want to see new places, there are literally thousands of different routes I could take that would allow me to see a different city, town or even village, every time I took the coach.

Then there is the price…

For me, this is the added bonus. I have seen and taken many Ryanair flights and I applaud the way in which they have taken on the aviation giants and changed air travel for the better making it competitive and much more affordable. But I can honestly say that I have never bought a 9.99 flight with them, and paid 9.99. Do I want to sit with my travel partner? Well yes. Do I want to take a carry on? Of course. Do I need to check in a bag? Maybe… and before I know it that 9.99 flight is now 99.99.

Now don’t get me wrong, 99.99 for a flight from Madrid to Paris is a great price, but what if I told you that I recently took the coach and it cost me 29.99 and that included all the extras I mentioned earlier!

Have I convinced you?

I know, the coach is not for everyone, but if you are looking for something different, hate flying or on a budget, it could be a great option. My go-to provider is Flixbus. I find their app is easy to use, they run on time and I know exactly what I am getting.

So I recommend you check them out:

Click on the photo to see where Flixbus could take you.

They also have a handy route map option which may give you some inspiration for your next adventure!

2 thoughts on “Plane, Train or Automobile…?

  1. I LOVE the bus! I’ve have never met another person who thinks it’s better than a plane, which is to be expected, but once you start travelling by bus and train, it’s hard to stop, the things you see along the way make it all worthwhile. I’m happy to have found a fellow bus buddy 🙂 Great post.

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